Charlotte is a social designer, who uses fashion, humor, sustainability and her critique on society as tools to reflect on topics such as individualism, capitalism and orientalism, always aiming to offer new perspectives. Her background in fashion indicates her sharp eye for commercial design. Charlotte designs with a statement or vision in mind and uses her designs to bring people together and make them participate, interact and hopefully take action.


With her project The Collaboration Coat she is unraveling fast fashion and confronting the fast fashion consumer. To her, fast fashion creates a fake desire to consume and to belong and distracts us of what is truly important; social interaction and real identity. By offering an alternative to fast fashion, Charlotte criticises the industry and aims to bring awareness to the way we buy, consume and throw away fashion, and what this means to our own lives and the lives of others.


Want to know more about The Collaboration Coat? Wednesday 25th of October Charlotte will give a Pecha Kucha presentation during Dutch Design Week on her view on fast fashion and how she unravelled the industry with The Collaboration Coat.


DDW Expo announcement

 06 28 89 67 67

Upcoming events:

  • Pecha Kucha Presentation on the impact of fast fashion and The Collaboration Coat @ TAC Eindhoven